The Fair

Today I helped chaperone my son’s Kindergarten class to the fair and the kids had a great time. They got to see some animals from the rain forest, a tiger and some grizzly bears!! After the animal shows they rode the Merry Go Round and headed off to have lunch. It was a wonderful time and I know that Nicholas can’t wait to go back to see more animals and get on some of those fun rides. For the parents of the children, you can go to my website, J Hofstetter Photography, click on Clients and then on the class photo. Please type in your email address and then you will be able to view the gallery. If there are photos that you would like on disk, please write down the numbers of the photos and send me an email at with the name of your child.

10-28-09 Field Trip 0110-28-09 Field Trip 0410-28-09 Field Trip 0710-28-09 Field Trip 1410-28-09 Field Trip 1510-28-09 Field Trip 2310-28-09 Field Trip 2610-28-09 Field Trip 4210-28-09 Field Trip 6610-28-09 Field Trip 6710-28-09 Field Trip 7210-28-09 Field Trip 4912345678

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