I have to say…I am one lucky girl!! This post is possible because of the lovely and talented Patsy Brown!  I got to tag along with her to this gorgeous location, as her assistant, for a couple of days and WOW…THANK YOU Patsy, for asking me along!  I had the best time!!  Barbados is beautiful and the hotel…GORGEOUS!  We stayed at The Crane and they did not disappoint!  Get ready for A LOT of photos I took of the the hotel and of our little excursion to Bridgetown.


The beautiful view from our room.  How cool is this!!  An elevator that takes you down to the beach 🙂Check out the dude in the left photo….thanks for the moon, buddy!!This guy was responsible for serving us the local drink of choice….Rum Punch.  Not like any other rum punch I have had before…they are lethal!I mean, Really????  Can you imagine this view every day??One of the white-knuckle cab rides we endured!Need to place a bet?Banks Beer…their local beer….These guys wanted us to buy them a beer….ummm, how about you buy us a beer! 🙂What???  Yeah, right!Back at the hotel…here is one of their Rum Punches.  Yummy!Some more shots of the hotel on a sunny day.

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J Hofstetter